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2017-06-19 13:27:38






I wentー!!


this time I did the ab machine and
store manager Miku-chan’s hand massage loosening!!!



During the ab machine, Macchi-chan came along but


just doing it for 20 minutes, it seems I’ll do 400 sit-ups!!



For sure the feeling from the inside of it “Gyuー” tightening
was amazing!!


but, finishing then measuring my waist,
I wasn’t concerned with how many centimeters it could’ve thinned out by in 20 minutes so
it was surprising!



I’m trining my lower back too so people with back pain and stuff
and for people who have pelvis misalignment too, I recommend it!!



For me, I easily get my pelvis out of alignment so
here using this machine,
it’s more comfortable on my back so
it’s the best!




Properly getting advice
and talking,
20 minutes went in a flash ( ̄▽ ̄)



I recommend it




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