Heyー Everyone It’s So Good Listen

2017-06-21 13:36:16



Once again doing meetings for the live…




And you know, this summer live


it’ll be reallly interesting (lol)






In this way, we’ve done it up to now, while we line up the songs
we’d decide on things but…




This time


for the Popcorn and Beer live


Nossstalgicー songs and
Summer medley
Fired up songs
Songs with emotional attachment
Stylish songs
Songs from Those Plays


It’s all kind!!





Medleys… once again it’s gonna be interesting( ̄▽ ̄)ドキドキ



And the outfits too, we’re picking them from the start
right now they’re being made


They’re cuteーードキドキ Come see them kay


Guys, girls…both can enjoy it
this stage we’re makingラブアップアップアップアップ





at Shibuya duo!!


14:30 & 18:00!!!


Get Tickets From Here!






I hope lotsof you come to see itー









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