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2017-06-30 23:05:47
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Konban po(*´∀`*)ノnEmoji


Today 6/30
Today reaching her 15th anniversary in Idol life


Tsugunaga Momoko-san’s last liveEmoji


was clearrrr〜EmojiEmojiEmoji


Of course it’s Momochi-senpaiEmojiEmoji



What is it… my current feelings
if I try to express them in writing…


I love herEmoji
I love Momochi-senpaiEmoji


Until the very end I got to have these kinds of joyous feelings



Cute, and her smiles were fantastic tooEmoji
her pretty and clear and kind singing voice
KiraKiraKiraKira sparkledEmoji


Enveloped by the lots of you who love Momochi-senpai, beloved songsEmoji


I like then, even nowEmoji joy



that we might meet again and stuff


There’s various feelings but
but more than that
For Tsugunaga-san, now in this way she gives joy


Really I have nothing but feelings of gratitudeEmojiEmoji


And sight of the 5 seeing off their senpai
it really was cute and coolEmoji


To Momochi-senpai
Respect, and feelings of love


It’s really been passed on.


Being raised preciously by Momochi-senpai


For the 5 of them, the like the lyrics to VIVA!! Baraiori no Jinsei, I want them to deliver that.


The five of then got to be close and feel with Momochi-senpai
handing that over, from here on connecting it to Hello!Pro makes me happy


Fukumura also will do her best to be able to support that




Tsugunaga Momoko Last Live ❤️Thank You Otomomochi❤


The opening act
Each of the Hello!Pro Member Groups got to appear!


From Morning Musume。’17
「Aozora ga Itsumademo Tsudzuku youna Mirai de Are!」


This song the song with memories connecting Hello!Proドキドキ I feel that


Mizuki up to now too, sings together countless times on the same stage as Momochi-senpai恋の矢


From the hook, the consーtant 「Koyubiーmu」 sending out, did you notice itEmoji


With all the love it got delivered on stageEmoji


Today I wanted to sing it and my suggestion was granted♡



Now Fukumura is here
because she got to meet Tsugunaga-sanEmoji



Tsugunaga Momoko-sanEmoji


Fukumura is really really delightedEmojiEmoji


On Day 5479 for the fantastic memories and the lost of fantastic things, thank you so muchEmoji
Momochi-senpai, I love youEmojiEmoji









Tomorrow, live broadcasted from 1:00pm〜10:00pm!
On NipponTV-san 「THE MUSIC DAY Negai ga Kanau Natsu」, Morning Musume。’17 gets to appearEmoji


Morning Musume。’17 will appear in the 15~16:00 block
The 13 of us will be appearingEmoji


By all means please watch kayEmoji



On TOKYO FM-san Key Stations, nationwide 38 channel net, a new program will broadcast
『marukome Morning Misoshiru Nomou yo!』
10:50〜’s 5 minute program startsEmoji


For the first broadcast
Fukumura Mizuki, Yokoyama Reina, the 2 of us are seeing it off!
Please look forward to itEmojiEmoji







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