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Konban po(*´∀`*)ノnEmoji


Fukumura Mizuki’s  Fourth Photobook 「Hatachi」’s front cover has been announced〜!




The upper picture is the general versionEmoji
The bottom picture is the Amazon versionEmoji


Mizuki recommends you know〜
The upper’s eye’s looking away!


But Eripon
she said, the bottom one is better〜Emoji


Mama went with the bottom one tooーEmoji


And so to each person I guessEmoji
There are 2 kinds of covrsチョキチョコがけハート


Which do you like?







A〜 this is fall time〜 and
When did I take this?!
This time was really cold〜 it was hot〜 stuff like that
Looking at picture and recalling, it was funEmoji



I feel like you get to see Fukumura through the four seasons around 19〜20 years oldEmoji


It goes on sale 7/15Emoji
It’s the same with this summer’s Hello!Con〜Emoji


The reservation deadline for this here is 7/3(Mon)


→(Wani Mail Order)


→(Amazon Limited Cover)


→(Amazon Regular Cover)


→(Rakuten Books)


→(Seven Net)


→(Tower Online)


→(LawTicke HMV)


Please continue to support meEmoji







Today it’s Sunday but we had rehearsals so it felt a little strangeEmoji


I saw a rainbowEmojiEmoji
It was a super big and pretty rainbow🌈








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