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2017-07-04 18:37:25


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At today’s Hello!Con Rehea, we finally practiced with Morito Chisaki-chan included, as the 14 of us (*´◒`*)








Chiichan Chiichan (*´꒳`*)



I think no matter what we’ll end up nervous but, we should get use to it slowly yah♡









Here, will it be okay if I say this loudly!?










I want a Iikubo Haruna Produce,
Chiichan Photobook to come out!!!!!!

This, it’s been a wildidea of mine for about a year already but,




It’s already being completed in my head.






This kind of situation I think?
I want to take it in this kind of outfit I think!








It’s being perfectly completed!! lol









For sure I could do it great yah〜〜








I have confidence in it yah〜〜






I hope it comes true some day…




Ah! This is what I should wish for this Tanabataー(*´◒`*)! lol
















It’s changing topics but,


Here, I’ll put a good picture kay.




































I got Maーchan’s precious sleeping face (´∀`*)







My triumphant face (´∀`*)








Please admire it (´∀`*)
















For my clothes today it’s a white lace side monochrome piece(*´꒳`*)
Look at it KAYーーー!


My WEAR Followers broke 250,000 people, thank you so much!



Fashion Coordinate App
EmojiEmojiWEAR EmojiEmoji











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