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2017-07-05 22:56:34


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Konban po(*´∀`*)ノnEmoji


Yesterday and today
we were focused on rehearsalssaahーーEmoji


And you know・・・
This time it’s tough〜Emoji


Memorizing the choreography myself, learning together, checking with everyoneEmojiEmoji


With the placement of the mics and sets, we got to do rehearsalsEmojiEmoji



The songs we’re singing this time, the lyrics resonate in my heartEmoji


Singing it
I feel like Aa〜 it’s a good song huh〜
there’s song I could cry too too…EmojiEmoji


「Current Hello!Pro is like this〜」 it has that kind of thing.


The Hello!Con starting 7.15Emoji
By all means please come watch kayEmojiEmojiEmoji



For today
Kudou Haruka-chanEmoji Oda Sakura-chanEmoji Makino Maria-chanEmoji
Tanimoto Ami-chanEmoji Onoda Saori-chanEmoji and Akiyama MaopinEmoji
We talked and ate together〜EmojiEmoji


It was bustlingEmojiEmoji


Tomorrow I’ll do my best tooEmojiEmoji


And… now, I’m writing the bog on my Papa’s phoneEmoji
My phone I ended up forgetting it at hoemEmoji


Actually, Mizuki’s phone, the screen is currently brokenーEmoji
It’s gotten in bad condition so it feels like it might be brokenーEmojiEmoji





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