2017-07-10 14:45:05
[tl note: names in Kanji are guessed based on common usage in names]


Lots of guests came for me!





First off isー Kuma-san♡







I love Ousama no Brunch so much I watch every episodeー
I’m glad I got to tell her that ( ¯﹀¯ )
Kuma-san thank you yahーー♡






The Totsuka couple♡




My beloved Totsuka couple♡
Thank you so much always!!!!!



And Suzu♡




Totally passed me in height…
always cute Suzu♡




And Amuro-san




Since I was small she said I was cute, kind Amuro-san♡ Thank you so much




And and!!!
Honky Tonk!!




Mizuki-san, Buri-chan, Yuuno
when I could see everyone from stage
I felt relieved
these warm people…♡
Thank you so much




And Ecchan




Ecchan, always smiling, and kind, I love you!
Thank you!!!




And Hitomiーーーーー




You’ve gotten prettier againーーー♡


Thank you for coming! Let’s get a meal together kay!




And 27cosme Ginza’s store manager Miku-chan♡




Today standing on stage with confidence
was thanks to Miku-chan!!!!
Being my strength building and body building instructor
really thank you so much!
And continuing on, I’ll do my best!!
Always and truly, thank you so much!!






And, Seri-chan♡





Always there comforting💞
My beloced Seri-chan.
She’s really a good person.
I want to go eat together soon yahー♡






my husband’s parents
Kazu-san Papa and Kazu-san Mama♡
Always warm
Kazu-san papa and Kazu-san Mama♡


Really I love you♡


From Kazu-san Mama, I got these piercings as a giftー♡
I want to wear them soon yahーーー💓😌💞


Thank you always




And, my husband





I didn’t know he got to come this time too but
He rushed to make it for me (*^^*)
Thank you✩



Really really lots of you came
it became emotional support for me



Thank you so much




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