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Yesterday it was my birthdayバースデーケーキラブラブ











Thank you yah!!??




It was a delightピンクハートピンクハートピンクハートピンクハートピンクハート





First off you know, the looooots of
really thank you so muchえーんハート





Not frequently but…




not frequently but…





I’m a frequently worrying type (lol)




And well
still opening my blog, lots of you seeing it gets me excited!!! lol



The messages with love from everyone makes me very happy
Truly, thank you so muchラブ







For the birthday day itself, it was the birthday event!!




ハートうさぎKawaii Birthday Partyうさぎハート




It was two shows!おねがいピンクハート






This pink space was you know! It was the best! I once again felt I like it this the best! It made me realize it!


Thank you 😭❤️





During yesterday’s event,
it was so much fun
we were so doing what we want
we talked so much
we really really talked
we so blinded didn’t stop
we really stretched our time (lol)




As one would expect I reconsidered it!!!💦 lol




Everyone, did you get home properly as planned???




But you knowー! All included it was fun you know!(While saying I’m… reconsidering it… in the end I’m sorryハート)
That said, even though my absolutely exhaustingly long talk stretched our time
Everyone was smiling the whoーle time listening ot the stories, being together we were NiyaNiya grinning, 『It’s fine! Don’t worry aout the time! Yaーy』 it got like that
It was aーll aーーll just the best 😎ハートハート







for celebrating my birthday, truly thank you so much照れ














And then!
Host, Sawayaka Gorou-sanルンルン



Sawayaka-san advanced for us so,



Basically we were free the whole time!!! lol爆笑



Sawayaka-san, thank you so much!!











Birthday day pictures, I’m fuーーll on it so,
I’ll be putting it up later kayラブ




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