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2017-07-14 00:36:17
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Today after work, with Maria I went to see Michishige-san’s Birthday Event〜♡



Kawaii Birthday Party (*´◒`*)














That’s right! Today 7/13 is, Michishige-san’s Birthdayーーーーー╰(*´︶`*)╯♡!!



Michishige-san, Happy Birthday☆


This year too you are loved most in the world, in the universe♡





The event, it was very very fun (*´꒳`*)


Getting ot hear lots of Michishige-san’s stories
fantastic pictures and movies playing
and the live corner was fulfilling too☆


I laughed and cried (*´◒`*)


The live corner, hearing that song I was happy! Getting to sing that together with everyone again made me happy!
I wonder if she’ll sing that cute song again huh, my prediction was on point!




Haaaaa, it was fun



And more than anything, Michishige-san, she was cute (*´꒳`*)♡!


Her voice and actions, everything maybe!!


From here on too I’m totally admiring her!




Michishige-san, once again Happy Birthday ╰(*´︶`*)╯♡
Have a fantastic year♡












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