Usachan Peace Day☆ Fukumura Mizuki

2017-07-13 23:41:43
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Konban po v(*´∀`*)v nEmoji


Lately i haven’t had the time to blogあせる
Even though for the comments the same as always, thank you so much
Still my energy every day comes from here天使チューリップピンク


Those of you worried about my health I’m sorry
There’s so much work that I’m HeroHero exhausted音譜
There’s new things too, it’s been deep daysEmoji
It was fun ラブラブThank you so muchラブラブ



TBS-san 『Ongaku no Hi 2017』 [tl: Music Day]
Part 1   Afternoon 2:00〜 Night 9:54
Part 2   Night 11:45〜 Morning 5:00


7/15, for 14ki’s Morito Chisaki-chan
it’ll be her first performance day as Morning Musume。Emoji


By all means please watch it kayEmoji




And today, Hello!Pro senpai
Mano Erina-san is performing in a playEmoji
「Boku datte Hiーroー ni Naritakatta」 [tl: For me, I wanted to be a hero]
With Kudou Haruka-chan I got to go to the theater to see itEmoji
I was really impressedEmojiEmoji


Tanaka Kei-san acting as 「Masayoshi」-sanEmoji
And mano-chan acting as 「Mako」-sanEmoji


It can’t be expressed in words, that’s how impressive, how much I laughed, the sight of the power of people and growth,
and even when it felt painful, there was lots of that drew me in!


For Mano-chan she’s the only female in the cast but she was pretty, KiraKira sparkling, gallant, and coolEmoji


Aa〜 I admire itキラキラ That’s how I felt.


There’s lots of words tthat pierced into the current Mizuki too
And the play sets and directionEmojiEmoji


All kinds of imaginations grew from my headEmoji


Haa〜I want to go see it once more!
I’m gonna end up pre-ordering the DVD huh〜♪


Sheesh each and every movement and chat, was nothing but a 2 hour time being impressedEmoji


It made me really energeticEmojiEmoji
All the cast, for the fantastic time, thank you so muchEmoji




An announcement for everyone〜EmojiEmoji
7/15 release Fukumura Mizuki Photobook 『 Hatachi 』 Release Commemoration Fukumura Mizuki Handshake event has been scheduledEmojiEmoji
Venue: Shosen Grande (Jinbochou)
Date: 7/18(Tues) 19:00~


Those of you reserving the photobook at Shosen Grande, it comes with an event participation ticket
By all means please come♪





EmojiMichishige Sayumi-sanEmoji
Happy BirthdayEmoji


Getting to celebrate 2 years worth with everyone was happinessEmoji


I got to invite Michishige-san, next time let’s go to lunch〜EmojiEmoji





An announcement regarding Tsubaki Factory’s Asakura Kiki



An announcement regarding Angerme’s Aikawa Maho



An announcement regarding Kobushi Factory’s Ogawa Rena






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