✩27cosme Ginza✩

2017-07-13 19:53:15


To the place I’m always indebted to!


✩27cosme Ginza✩-san



I went there♡






These 2 people I love♡


Shop manager Miku-chan and Machiko-chan♡゜:。* ゜.


today was soothing too♡




And, after all is said and done!
The other day shop manager Miku-chan came to the live,
after the live, today is the first time I got a body massage but…



「You really seem refreshed, and gotten thinner yahー」


getting told that made me happy (*^^*)




Without overdoing it for a loーng time, I got advice
on what to be careful of,
and even more, with the effects of the hand massages and
the ab machine,
really I’ve changed before my eyes, that is also
fun for me too♡



Instantly without seeking results… slowy for a long time



I thought about it like that but,



I got this kind of fast results!!



I’m shocked too ( ¯﹀¯ )♡








For always giving me clear support, thank you so muchーーーラブお願いドキドキドキドキ






And, after I finished




Warming my health you know♡ Fueー♡









I’m really refreshedー!



Thank you so muchhh♡


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