Ogawa Makoto-chan✩ Genmate✩~Eyelash Extensions~

2017-07-13 16:19:49


I got to see my genmate Makochii for the first time in a while照れドキドキ






A really calming person.


Basically just basically being there.


Talks just doesn’t… end you know (lol)





It’s so fun it went by in a flash✩




We had lunch✩




Makochi’s personality
I can feel it when we’re talking together
the parts I respect as a genmate are very many.


And, after graduating we can still get together like this
get to go and have a meal and stuff, having this connection makes me happy you know(*^^*)





And, after lunch, eyelash extensions
at 【W】-san










I went together with Makochi✩






This time for a shoot I have soon, my ext.
I got them fixed up 👀キラキラ



With this, I can face the shoot!



Thank you so much always m(*_ _)m



It was a full afternoon Time✩




Makochii thank youuu✩(*ˊᵕˋ*)



Seeーee you later yah♡





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