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2017-07-15 08:13:54



At the Kawaii Birthday Party,


2 of my cute kouhai came to see itーイエローハートピンクハート






Cute Harunanラブ
Iikubo Haruna-chanハチコスモス
Harunan, she’s become more a beauty many fold yah yah, I felt it in an instant!!キラキラキラキラ  
That sense of being a pretty older sister type!!!




When I was an active member,
With work I’d be paired together with Harunan a lot
Being together often we talked about all kinds of things you knowー I casually thought about it照れ








Cute Maria-chanお願い
Makino Maria-chanドレスリボン
Maria-chan, from long ago she’s comforting for meラブラブ



Maria-chan since when she was a Hello!Pro Trainee…
I’d talk about her like, Maria-chan! Maria-chan! She’s cute huh❤ she’s cute huh❤️ニコニコ






Even though I was happy they just came
the 2 of them each
brought me birthday presents too 😭



Thank you yah 😭❤️❤️❤️




THey made the best happy choices!!



They get it huh…ラブ





The 2 of them both, really truly thank youuリボンリボンリボン






Hello!Con opening day, everyone do your bestハート



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