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2017-07-15 06:19:52



ウエディングケーキKawaii Birthday Partyウエディングケーキ




It’s the 2nd live corner outfitーピンクハートピンクハートピンクハート
The first and second performances both
are the goods Tshirt arranged cutely by Stylist-sanハート




This for sure



It’s cute arrangement partyラブラブラブ



Isn’t it?ハート





For my hairstyle, I did Usachan Hairハートうさぎ


And so, everyone was overjoyed from it huhうさぎハートハート






The Stylist-san who arranged the Tshirts cutelyハイヒール
And the Make-up artist-san who quickly changed in 3 finishes, doing Usachan Hair in a flash for me口紅



You have my gratitude! Thank you so muchリボン鏡



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