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2017-07-14 23:25:27
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Konban po(*´∀`*)ノnEmoji


At last from tomorrow
「Hello! Project 2017 SUMMER 〜 HELLO! MEETING 〜」 is startingEmoji


This time, in particular, the groups have gone beyond collaborations you know, I feel itEmojiEmoji


For the Hello!Con starting tomorrow
since our senpai ℃-ute-san, and Tsugunaga Momoko-san graduated, it’s the first stage for Hello!Project.


I think maybe that there are those feelings for each of the current remembers aren’t there?Emoji


The Country・Girls’s concurrent operation and the debut group from the Hello!Pro Trainees


Even for the 6 of them, each of the groups going out too
each is holding their own 「Firsts」!!


That first time, let’s have fun so it can be a fantastic stageEmojiEmoji


We can meet up with the members on break, that’s lonely but, What we can do as Hello!Pro members is preserve taking in the stage!


The stage, everyone getting lots of power, from the stage too, we’re delivering lots of power



Tomorrow is Orix TheaterEmoji
Everyone attending, pleaes support usEmojiEmoji
Please send your cheer power too kayEmoji





The photobook 「Hatachi」


Is releasing tomorrow and stuff, the tension!!


I’m signing them too〜♪


Tomorrow, on sale 7/15, Fukumura Mizuki Photobook
『 Hatachi 』 Release Commemoration Fukumura Mizuki Handshake Event
Venue:Shosen Grande (Tokyo:Jinbochou)
Date: 7/18(Tues) 19:00~


At Shosen Grande those of you reserving the photobook will get an event participation ticket with it
I’ll be waiting for you♪





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