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2017-07-15 22:55:38
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Konban po(*´∀`*)ノnEmoji


「Hello! Project 2017 SUMMER 〜HELLO! MEETING〜」
Finally startedEmojiEmojiEmoji


For Morning Musume。’17
it’s the first stage since Morito Chisaki-chan joinedEmoji
Oh my in really all kinds of DokiDoki heart-pounding


The first stage for the 14 of usEmoji


It was very funEmoji



At last we got to show usEmoji that was the feelingEmoji


Everyone who attendedEmoji
For the lots of cheers, thank you so muchEmojiEmoji



Right before the show started, we did our spirited yell with all the performersEmoji


And after that we could hear each group eaching giving their own loud yellEmoji


Morning Musume。’17, with the 14 of us


We put our spirit into itEmoji




And today
「Hello!Project New Auditions」 were openedEmoji


Even now we held many auditions but, it’s the first for Hello!Project Auditions?!?


The target age is 9〜17 they said…


9 years old is, what grade?!
Eh! 3rd years?! Eh! Young!
No waーーーy!


That’s how I wasEmojiEmoji


For 17 year olds, that’ll be the current Hello!Pro members most common age I thinkEmoji


This year is Hello!Project’s 20th Birthday AnniversaryEmojiEmoji
We’re for sure waiting for lots of you to applyEmojiEmoji


→Details are from here





And… Today it was released…Emoji
Fukumura Mizuki’s 4th photobook 「Hatachi」


Kyaaーー It’s been releaseddddEmoji


Today In front of the media
I ended up saying a 「Mature sensulaity…」 and things like that


Actually, I’m in sure how it went but…
Well I’m 20 years old Emoji
I think it’s a more mature Fukumura than usual?EmojiEmoji


But… the face on this cover
I can’t do it now…EmojiEmoji


And so, I feel like it might be a chance to see a Fukumura face you don’t normally seeEmojiEmoji
Please support meEmoji




Tonight is♪ Tonight is〜♪
Night 11:45〜 Morning 5:00(Part 2)
On TBS-san 『Ongaku no Hi』 we get to appearEmoji


Ongaku no Hi as a limited special unit
Morning Musume。’17’s members and
香水Kobushi Factory
口紅Tsubaki Factory
From the 3 groups the whole selection of 29
for one night only we’re delivering a special version天使恋の矢


There’s a solo Morning Musume。’17 appearance too
by all means please watchドキドキドキドキドキドキ




Tomorrow at Osaka Orix Theater is 2 shows
there’s 〜GATHERING〜’s showing too!
Everyone we’ll be waiting



Baーnn (*’∀’)σ ———-☆*





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