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2017-07-30 23:40:43
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Konban po(*´∀`*)ノnEmoji


We moved around a lotーーー!!!
I’mーexーhausーtedーー(;*△*;) Emoji



Today was shoots with all of Morning Musume。’17


Shoots outsideEmoji
it was a shoot at a place where since the morning the sky color was changing, it was very prettyEmoji


Actually, since we became the new organization of 14 people
With work, we’ve had lots of on-locations and shoots, together we stay over, and are in transport


really we’re alーーーways togetherEmoji


With the 14 of us being GyuGyuGyuEmoji


These people we’re alーーーways together but…


This summer, we have to fightEmojiEmoji





Idol Nama Kassen Kuni Tori Tenka Touitsu
〜2017 Summer Battle〜
【Fight together with me more!】


That said,
Asobista sinec we last did this has evolved
they’ve done it again!


But Fukumura…
Fighting along side us on the same team last time, Ikuta, Makino, Haga, this time have become an enemy teamEmojiEmoji


Why yoーuu!EmojiEmoji
that side, we totally can’t loseEmojiEmoji


Red Morning Musume。’17 Army
You 〇 of junk! lol   Getting that with those opinions but…
  #゚Д゚)ノ Don’t call use piece of 〇ーEmojiEmoji


For details please look at the HPEmojiEmoji


The red team iconEmoji
Everyone with a red hot heart cheering for read team♡


For sure please try going with the icon kay❣️


Already I’m sleepy yo〜n


But already I’ll do my best a littleー!





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