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2017-08-01 23:16:33
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Konban po(*´∀`*)ノnEmoji


Lately 「Naturally doing ○○ huh」
is a constant phrase Mizuki’s been saying


For example
I naturally fell down
We talked about it naturally huh
Naturally you took off your shoes!


Like this, for some reason I added on naturalEmoji


Today too, in 1 day I might’ve ended up saying it 5〜6 timesEmoji


Realizing it, nnnー I went not saying itEmojiEmoji
AーI have to be carefulEmoji



Today was shoots with all the members too but, we were constantly talking about songs for the 20th anniversary eventEmoji



For Mizuki you knowww〜
Pucchimoni-san’s 「Paisekoー Daiseikou!」
that song, I want someone to sing itEmoji


It seems fun, I’m certain〜Emoji


And Maria’s
EmojiRainbow Pink〜Emoji


she did that playing aroundEmoji



Mizuki personally has songs she wants to sing but
bringing them up will go on endlessly〜Emoji


Moreover saying that now
All the Mizuki fans might end up being like, “Well let’s do those!” so


Mizuki will keep quiet〜Emoji


Eripon’s blog’s 「With 9ki」 being written surprised me


It wasn’t 「With PonPonー」, it was 「With 9ki」! she said


Really, it’s been that kind of time huhEmoji



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