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2017-08-06 23:19:21
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Konban po(*´∀`*)ノnEmoji


Nakano Sunplaza 2DaysEmoji


Everyone who attendedEmoji
Everyone who cheered for us for the 2 days
Thank you so very muchEmojiEmoji


Oh my〜 it’s summer huhEmoji
When our turn finishes and we shuffle backstage, immediately, just the sweatEmoji


Today’s temperature was especially hot maybe?
That or maybe it was the heat of Nakano Sunplaza?!Emoji


In any case it was firey hot〜あせるEmoji




For today
Tsuno Maisa-sanEmoji
PaiPai Dekami-sanEmoji


And Yajima Maimi-san, Nakajima Saki-san, it’s been a while since I got to meet with them allEmojiEmoji


There were lot sof officials for Nakano Sunplaza too, it made me nervousEmoji
But today was very fun tooEmoji


My friend came before she’s going abroad for summer vacation tooー♪


Everyone thank you so muchEmoji


With Tsubaki Factory’s MaopinEmoji
Her KirekKire sharp dance and impressive speechEmoji
was great today too you know〜Emoji


Today’s dressing room members were these 7Emoji



The coffee I bought on the way home today
I made a mistake and pushed the button for the one size small volumeEmoji



When I got home my Mama shrieked…
A゛ーっ!! Wa゛aaaA!!


She was watching a scary show she recordedEmoji
What a relief Emoji


Kurara had a there there face so for the first time 2 days everything was all rightEmoji





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