2017-08-07 18:22:48



Good Evening!!☆





Today I didn’t have time



If I eat 2 onigiri at once I realllly get full! lol




and even though I thought since I was hungry I could eat 4 of themー…





at the time, I remember the words from my mom




『Onigiri have more rice than they look』





For sure



It’s cause they’re packed tight Gyuーーー yah! Onigiriおにぎおにぎおにぎ










A whatever from my heart huh, this story! lol lol❤️









For the picture,
going contraty to it, it’s bread!!!!!?




More than bread, more than anything, the olive oil was yummy you know…
cause it was spicy hot星






Just what’s going on with this blog (╹◡╹)




It’s just a do whatever situation! (I’m not even sure if this matches how you use it)






Is it okay to update with this kind of blog too?



I’ve already done it though!



That said, if I didn’t update, I wouldn’t be able to ask, “Is this kind of blog okay?” right!?




Of course, that’s no good??






Well, I never write anything that significant though lol lolピンクハートピンクハート





Today is mean (lol)






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