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2017-08-07 23:38:45
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Konban po(*´∀`*)ノnEmoji


Yesterday when I came home my familt was watching a spirit show, continuing with that I was WaiWai while watching during the running away parts〜


Before I know it I had fallen asleep in the living roomEmojiEmoji



During Hello!Con, Harunan observed I was getting a 2shot with ReiReiEmoji






They ended up being pestsEmojiEmoji


Suddenly being a pest and properly messing around with her expression, Harunan was coolEmoji


But… Mizuki style she gets to contol thatーEmojiEmoji


Ater this I got a proーper cute 2shot taken so please don’t worry kayEmojiEmoji




Soon the make up performance and NaruChika will be starting, it’s August’s Morning Musume。’17Emoji




11th Hello!Con@Sendai
13th Spring Tour@Okayama
15th NaruChika@Fukui
16th NaruChika@Tomiyama
17th NaruChika@Niigata
19th Hello!Con@Nakano
20th Hello!Con@Nakano
26th Hello!Con@Aichi
27th Hello!Con@Aichi


It’s filled with anticipation〜Emoji


what are your plans this summer〜Emoji



Well then I’ll keep doing my best♪
With any rehearsals I thinkEmoji





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