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2017-08-09 23:02:23
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Konban po(*´∀`*)ノn


Today is 8/9, Hug DayEmoji
[tl note: 8=ha, 9=ku/gu in phone to sound code, hagu = hug]


Today is hug day they said〜 so
with rehearsals over
We all went hughugーEmojiEmoji
(Chelshiー, Harunan, Hagachin)



For today there was a Hello!Moba Original RadioEmoji
「Fukumura no Heya」 recordingEmoji


My companion was…
the first guest outside of Morning Musume。’17
Country・Girls’s Yamaki Risa-chan came inEmoji


Risachan and I have an often talking relationshipEmoji


Risa-chan is here so there’s that fun corner tooEmoji
(The information had lots of special superEmoji)


As we talk, of course it becomes our thoughts and dreams for Hello!Pro, about the senpai we admire, things like that, there’s lots of parts that overlapped too you know〜Emoji


It made me happyEmojiEmoji


Actually, before the radio show we went and had lunch together too〜Emoji
And the name for 2 people combi?? We dcided on thta tooEmoji


It’s scheduled for distribution on 8/16Emoji


In any case we talked a lotEmoji
But 1 release just has up to 7 minutes of content you say
Today’s recording part was #〇 what got into it I wonderEmojiEmoji


Please listen to it for sure kayEmoji





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