AI chan… 31…Birthday✩

2017-09-11 12:30:54



For my gen mate


Takahashi Ai-chan’s



Birthday event, I appeared as a surprise guest







This time there was 3 songs!
I got to sing and dance!



The outfit too, it was very cutely arranged for me
by the stylist-san✩


Thank you so muchhhh😢❤️💞


A very kind and fantastic person,
I’m glad we mettt(*^^*)




I tried copying Aichan ( ¯﹀¯ ) lol



I don’t really wear yellow so
it made me happy to you know (*^^*)♡





Progress host Suzuki-san had his son, Rokkun you know
he was so cute oh my( ¯﹀¯ )








his son totally ended up liking my baggage,
he was rulling it around KoroKoro the whole time✩


his wife was pretty and a fantastic person too!





Aichan, really congratulationssss!!!!



It was just a little fast but, getting to celebrate together
it made me happyyyy💞💓







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