Birthday Event Scheduled☆ Fukumura Mizuki

2017-09-12 22:59:07
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Konban po(*´∀`*)ノnEmoji


Fukumura Mizuki’s 21st Birthday Event has been scheduledEmojiEmoji


It’s limited to fanclub members
and we’ll be doing it at Differ AriakeEmoji


The date is… on my birthday itself




The actual day💖


Speaking of 10/30 makes me think of last year
last year really had fun and happy memories 🎀


Well… weeeelll…
soon Mizuki, she’ll be 21!!


This year the year has been espeically shortあせるあせる
20! 20! I was in high spirits
and it’s ending in a flashEmojiEmoji


What’s left of my 20Emoji I have to enjoy it fastEmojiEmoji



For 10/30… when you finish work at the company, finish your club activities, finish your part time job,
please ◯◯◯◯ dash and come over←
I tried copying Kudou-sanーEmojiEmoji


The deadline is 9/24Emoji
I’ll be waiting for lots of you to participate Emoji


What kind of Fukumura do you want to seeEmoji
What kind of songs should I singEmoji


Think about it a lotttEmojiEmoji


please do me the favorEmojiEmoji


For applications →→go here←←




Lately every day all day is rehearsals so


Thinking about sudden things, finding things outside,
that kind of stuff doesn’t happen much butEmoji


On the way home I discovered somethingEmojiEmoji


At a construction site there was this balloon like thing making machinical noises and stuff
the partitioning screens and what not like that are cute aren’t they?!Emoji


Today without thinking I ended up saying 「cute♡」




Like a Hagachin figure♡





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