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2017-09-22 22:38:00
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Konban po(*´∀`*)ノnEmoji


Currently on sale 「non-no」-sanEmoji
Morning Musume。’17 gets to be published in itEmoji


With the Morning Musume。’s 20th Anniversary, we got to do styling themed after the past song outfitsEmoji



「CD Journal」-san
We got to adorn the back coverEmoji


Interviews and close friend shotEmoji
For the interview we were split into 2 teams
9~11ki’s 7 and 12~14ki’s 7.
The atmosphere and topics are totally different I think!!







With the girls that come out in the lyrics for Hello!Pro songs
which song’s girls do you like?Emoji


Everyone who answered Mizuki’s question
thank you so much〜EmojiEmoji


I had so much fun reading the commentsEmojiEmoji


The older guys who took to it said 「It matches」Emoji and
This love isn’t an accident look here Emoji


It’s cute you knowーEmoji
This song AyuMizuki is singingーEmoji



I like meeting people so I love rain day


The differences of ideal and reality
even cool, you lose yourself in places
going with the song, approaching maturity, those honest feelings are cute〜Emoji


The lyrics that come to mind for mizuki, there are people who I think feel the same
Aーー there right!?
there’s lots of that tooEmoji


Of course Tsunku♂-san’s lyrics are amazing huhEmoji


When the 9ki joined , when the 4 of us sang 「Suki na senpai」 so that the image of the song can fill


Each of us, we sing with feelings like 「○○?」 maybe,
we make these finite deicsions, and it broadens the world view of it! like that
I remember discussing it a lotEmoji


Being the feeling of the main character girl
What kind of girl is this girl? Imagining it is really funEmoji


It’s a pleasure of Hello!Pro too yahEmoji


Based on the situation there’s tough times tooEmoji


Like lonely Mariko-chanEmoji
And the ironing girlEmoji


In the current Morning Musume。 it might not seem like there’s an ironing girl (or one who can) thoughEmojiEmoji



By the way from the 64th single 「Jamashinaide Here We Go!」’s girl you can see the kinda heartrending expressionEmoji


Already I’m so full of thoughts I could never run out of things to say you knowEmojiEmojiEmoji



From long ago, for the world view I thought of myself Tsunku♂san presented it and we heard it


Tsunku♂san is a male but more than girl, it has a girl’s feelingsEmoji


It’s amazing you knowEmoji



Well… already tomorrow is the fall tour’s opening day


Morning Musume。 20th Formation Anniversary Concert Tour 2017 Fall〜We Are MORNING MUSUME。〜



We’re starting from Harmony Hall ZamaEmoji
I’m looking forward to seeing everyone who can see usEmoji



And tomorrow even moreEmoji


On 9/23 (Sat) Afternoon 10:20~NHK Group’s 「Banana♪Zero Music」-san, we get to appearEmoji


Morning Musume。20th Anniversary Special, Tsunku Talks SP


In this recording there’s things I learned for the first time too
I just keep being moved Emoji


The OG senpai
Nakazawa Yuuko-san, Yaguchi Mari-san, Michishige Sayumi-san appeared… I was really very nervousEmojiEmoji


By all means please look at itEmoji









Morning Musume。’17 Nation-wide Simultaneous Handshake Event  Drawing Video EmojiEmojiEmojiEmoji







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