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2017-10-18 19:28:06


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The other day, with Nanba Shiho-san we went the current exhibit in Ikebukuro




Sunshine Aquarium Horror Aquarium 「Ghostly Merfolk」


Sunshine 60 platform 「Zombie Defense and Counter-measure Meeting」




We went to thoseー♡











Originally, we went to see the Ghostly Merfolk but, after arriving at Ikebukuro we found out the Zombie Defense and Counter-measure Meeting was going on…!



For a zombie loving big sister type like Shiho-san it was a unparalleled fun event!★


That said we went to both (*´◒`*)♡






For the Ghostly Merfolk one, it was a pretty scar〜y situation, but even for an aquarium, it was fun gettin to see the fish!
(The fish seemed in a day but that might just be me)




Up until going into the aquarium, it was the rooftop and so it was cold, and so those of you thinking of going from here please protect from the cold kay




I, suprisingly feel like I get to come to the aquarium about 2 times a year or so!
Aquariums are fun huh〜



I like animals too but, relatively speaking aquariums are an easy way to access them huh (*´꒳`*)







And Aoba we ate tsukemen, and went to the Zombie Defense and Counter-measure Meeting★



This was a relatively short course but, zombies came out! Thrilling!


I ended up getting a picture taken with the zombies too〜(*´◒`*)!



I… was scared!!



But of course, Shiho-san studying zombies daily was totally not scared ٩( ᐛ )و



Rather with the exciting display and zombies, she got to have fun (*´꒳`*)!



She’s a strong ally〜!!





I bought a cute pen there♡









A lady finger pen〜!



Thre had a guy finger pen and other goods too but, this lady finger pen caught my eye you know…




This is… Kira Yoshikage Future maybe… lol


Now I’ll always keep this in my bag♪


It’d be a mistake, I have to bring it along♪





Speaking of JoJo, a JoJo Smartphone is coming out again huh…!!



But I… I just changed to an iPhone7 so…


Still if I could change it hasn’t even been a half a year so… _| ̄|○





And speaking of JoJo, Yamaki Risa-chan… 、_| ̄|○


12/5 let’s do it maybe, me too.←


Those who can go, please enjoy it kay (*´꒳`*)!





The Ghostly Merfolk and the Zombie Defense and Counter-measure Meeting were very interesting!


Ikebukuro Domination〜!! Huhu



It seems they’re ending soon so, those interested by all means★






Tonight’s Nippon Broadcast 「Myu〜Komi+Plus」 is the God AniSon SPー!
By all means please listen to it kay!





For today’s WEAR, I put up a picture Kanpai’ing with Shiho-san♪
It feels like we’re in a coffee shop together〜♪


I’ll put up my clothes later kayー!
Look at it KAYーーーーーー(^ω^)




Fashion Coordinate App
EmojiEmojiWEAR EmojiEmoji













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