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2017-11-10 06:57:42
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Good Morning (*´◒`*)♡





All of the fans who came to the bus tour, did you get home properly yesterday??



Ishida Ayumi-chan was saying it too but, the bus tour was up until we got home!


And so you know, yesterday after getting home, it felt like it was really over〜〜 ( ; ; )



The 10ki members first bus tour over, with the feeling of it being enough and the loneliness,
while soaking in the echoes of joy as well, I came home in that strange feeling (*´-`)






10ki bus tour’s 2nd day, first off, we were split in two two members a group for an activity☆



Ishida Ayumi・Satou Masaki Team making jam,


Kudou Haruka・Iikubo Haruna Team had a Monkey Spinning Show!



It was my first time seeing a monkey spinning show but, the monkey was cute cute…!


It got to me…(*´-`)



All the fans were MeroMero smitten too yah〜!!



Just as we were MeroMero smitten by the monkey, suddenly getting called on stage, it was the monkey vs us in a one shot gag showdown…!



I don’t have any one shot gags so it was hard〜!! Thinking that, my ally there was♡


Joujou Gundan’s Suzuki Keita-san (*´◒`*)



Getting one shot gag instructions, I could show something☆




Eーーーーー, and the results of that showdown,




It was total defeat yah (*´◒`*) lol





Keita-san, I’m sorry, thank you so much… lol




It was a very fun monkey spinning show (*^^*)!
Everyone of the Kawaguchiko Monkey Spinning Theater, thank you so much!








After that at last was the bus tour’s main event!
The Special LIVE〜〜!!




For the venue, Kawaguchiko Stella Theater!



Well, we stood there for the first time since Morning Musume。’14.


A venue filled with memories, the 10ki 4 members standing there…




For the LIVE setlist, it was completely thought up by us〜





Seishun Domannaka
Watashi no Dekkai Hana
Kanashiki Koi no Melody


GuruGuru JUMP
Koi no Telephon Call
Watashi no Jidai!


Suki na Senpai
Seishun Collection


Jishin Motte, Yume wo Motte Tobidatsu Kara






It’s 10ki so 10 songs☆



The songs we’ve shown on the day they announcement our success
songs we’ve shown at our first Hello!Con, solo tour,
Songs for each of the 4 of us,
I want the 10ki to be like this, song that feel like that….



Each song is also a song packed with feeling and significance.




And the last 「Jishin Motto Yume wo Motte Tobidatsu Kara」 was our auditions set song.



The song that changed our lives



And so of course we wanted to show it.



When we auditioned, it was a song we sang alone.


This time, with the 4 of us, we sang it.



I feel like we got to show deliver to all the fans a completely differeng singing voice, expression, and confidence… from that time.






This bus tour once again, just this the 10ki that lots of you love, I feel like it’s the best!


The 10ki with these 4, I felt like we’re the best!



From here on too, I feel like I wnat to continue delivering the best lots!(*^^*)!







And those who couldn’t come to the bus tour this time, we’ve gotten your feelings of support ( ; ; )



The situation for the bus tour that we couldn’t deliver through the blog, the sales plans came up earlier but there’ll be a DVD so, by all means please watch it kay (*´ー`*)


Then I think we can feel the fun together!☆





For the very fun 2 days, thank you so very much (*´꒳`*)
A memory of a lifetime!

















Everyone let’s do our best all day today too kay〜〜!!






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