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2017-11-14 22:57:53
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12/6 releasing 「⑮Thank you,too」’s jacket pictures were released today〜〜(*^^*)
















The 1 picture, it makes you feel a bit of deja vu doesn’t it??



It’s the first press jacket and,


This here is an homage to the 1st album 「First Time」!



Hearing that, it makes you want to line up First Time and ⑮Thank you,too huh(*´◒`*)
….that’s a way to look forward to it☆



The first original album in about three years, we’re recording lots of fantastic songs so, please look forward to it in another month with anticipation kay〜〜!








I got something I was really looking forward to in my hands!









Koi no Amaagari no Youni vol.9!!!!



It was so wonderful… my prayers… (*´ー`*)



Vol. 9, thinking there really was a sense of deja vu, Akira in it was really like myself (゚ω゚)
Saying that it’s absurd huh (゚ω゚)




By the way the volumes I’m holding in my hand are 「Getsuyou kara Kinyou no Danshikoukousei」 [tl approx: High School Boy From Monday To Friday]☆



Vol. 1, 2 I bought at the same time.
And then the vol. 2 obi, has the recommendateion of worshipped 「Watashi no Shounen」 author Takano Hitomi.



It’s very funny!



There are lots of moments where I suddenly end up laughing, I get it, it HURTS but it seems cool you know, the speech from those kinda stupid high school boys hits the mark.



Well, it felt like 紅堂破瑠火 [Kudou Haruka] 工藤遥 [Kudou Haruka] watching… lol








And then one more thing I looked forward to, MSGM magazine(*´◒`*)!!



There’s a 6way bag supplement and, I really wanted it, I looked for it since the 10/30 release at like 5 bookstores but they were out of stock, so I ordered it online!


That arrived at home earlier〜(*^^*)♡




Tomorrow, I’ll put it up on WEAR kay!
I’m wearing the cardigan I got as a birthday present from Morito chiichan today♡


Look at it KAYーーー!




Fashion Coordinate App
EmojiEmojiWEAR EmojiEmoji













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