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2017-12-03 22:47:47
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Today was Yamaguchi prefecture, and the current tour’s laset hall concerts.



Everyone who came, thank you so much!



Hall last, that said we were in full spirit but,


Not just today, any tour we deal with it in full spirit so it felt like this goes by in a flash!



What’s different today from usual, we did our best not to cry I think yah (*´◒`*)




Yamaguchi prefecture itself, it’s been a while since we got to come here so we were happy, all the fans put their spirit in not to cry, or maybe cause it’s the last hall concert, from the first song we got amazing cheers and I think it turned into a fired up live☆





All that’s left is 12/11, just the Nippon Budokan!



Please properly burn the image of the 14 of us into your eyes kay!




Thoes who cane come to the venue, BS Skypaー!’s live broadcast and at all the area’s live viewings, let’s get fired up together (*´꒳`*)!!











Cute cute Kudou Haruka-chan











That said, the other day with Kuduー I drank Blue Bottle Coffee!



The taste is suited for it’s popularity!


it was my first time so I listened to recommendations and went with the New Orleans but, without hesitation it’s easy to drink and the after taste is fresh (*´-`)
I feel like I want to drink it again☆




I promised with Kuduー and there are lots of times when we still cs’t go so, that’s is something to look forward to after her graduation still yah(*´꒳`*)






For my clothes today it’s MokkoMoko Pink〜
Look at it KAY!



Fashion Coordinate App
EmojiEmojiWEAR EmojiEmoji











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