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2017-12-07 22:11:59


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On tonight’s 23:00 broadcast of 「Out×Deluxe」,
Morning Musume。’17 gets to appear〜〜♪( ´θ`)




On 「2017 FNS Kayousai」 Night 2, wewewell!
With that shogi’s Hirumin, Katou Hifumi-san, we get to do a collabo (*´◒`*)!



On tonight’s Out×Deluxe, I think you can see our meeting with Hifumin-san!☆


By all menas please watch it kayー!







While I’m talking about announcements,



12/9’s release of


UTB+ (Up To Boy Plus) vol.41, the 10ki 4 are on the cover〜(o^^o)












We wore uniforms too♡



These uniforms are cute, with Cardcaptor Sakura’s Tomoyo-chan in mind for my hairstyle, I got a it woven (*´꒳`*)huhu


And so, I had fun in a Tomoyo-chan mood♡ hihi




Other than the uniforms we got to have ufn with mature 10ki and retro 10ki too!
By all means please check it out kay〜!





And and, I couldn’t forget about it, our new album!


「⑮ Thank you, too」 since yesterday it’s released〜!!




Tomorrow is from 18:30 at Ikebukuro Sunshine city Fountain Plaza there’s a release commemoration handshake event too ♪( ´θ`)
Those of you with time by all means please come see us kay♡







It’s not related but



Morito Chiichan, she goes well with a baby penguin you know. (*´꒳`*)










Today too I’m updating WEAR you know!
My followers have passed 350,000, thank you so much (*´◒`*)♡




Fashion Coordinate App
EmojiEmojiWEAR EmojiEmoji












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