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2017-12-09 20:51:43


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Today there was a Kudou Haruka-chan solo event but,


There I got to appear as guest with Ogata Haruna-chan〜〜(*´◒`*)!









Triple Aー!




Wearing these magnificent Tshirts, the 3 of us got to sing 「Bon Kyu! Bon Kyu! BOMB GIRL」〜〜(*´꒳`*)




WIth the 3 of us the Triple A unit has been together for ◯ years already (Vague)…



At last we got to stand on stage in proper form (*´꒳`*)☆



Unbelievable doing this kind of thing 2 days before Duー graduates! lol




But all the fans welcomed us warmly, adn we got to have a tremendous amount of fun〜〜!!





During the rehearsal for this event, Kuduー had soymilk as refreshments.



Today Ogata brought soymilk!


Moreover with handmade cups! lol











On the cup there’s an A, it was an 「A cup」. Clever! lol
And then the chocobat was A too!




the dressingroom was fun too♪



Unbelievable doing this kind of thing 2 days before Duー graduates! lol lol


Kuduー, even though she’s graduating from Morning Musume。 she’s not graduating from Triple A that’s why yah (^ω^)hahaha



I feel like it’d be great if the 3 of us could stand together again on stage one day!


Until then, please give your support to Triple A too kay〜〜(*´◒`*)♡




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