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2017-12-19 22:28:02
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The other day, with Mama I went to see the Troupe☆ Shinkansen 「Dokurojou no Shichinin Jougen no Tsuki」 [tl aka: Seven Souls in the Skull Castle: Waxing Moon]〜(*´꒳`*)!













First time going to IHI stage around Tokyo!
The audience turns, the amazement of the play set changing was impressive.



Dokurojou no Shichinin, at first it’ll be a hard story I think? I thought that but when history people’s names showed up I immediately got it☆


Sheehs, it’s a stunning stage.
It’s an about 4 hour play but you don’t get tired of it, from start to finish it’s interesting, I’m impressed.
The music has a big impact too!




For the waxing moon, lots of actors I usually see on TV appeared so, seeing the in the play their image suddenly changes!


The sword fighting scenes, amazing…!!


The movement of the people with their good reflexes or rather, I think of course they’d have practice so much that I couldn’t imagine it but


There’s sword fight scenes on stairs too, seeing ankles turning in surprising directions, it was HaraHara thrilling _:(´ཀ`」 ∠): but after that well it didn’t seem possible you know, those feet!


Seeing the drama as voices came out and the way they talked, it was totally different, the actors are amazing!! I felt that.




Now even thinking about it has my body trembling…!





And then there were lots of scenes that made me laugh!
Muraki Jin-san is the bestー!



Really, it was funny!
There are performances until February so, if I have time again I think I want to go see it!










A! My beloved SUPER BEAVER-san, they’re scheduled next year, on 4/30 to have a performance at Nippon Budokan yah!!




I wanted to go!!!


I wanted to go to last weeks live too!




The Nippon Budokan performance, I hope it becomes a fantastic live. I’m looking forward to the DVD coming out!(*´꒳`*)


Next by all means please do it on a weekday too!









Before I knew it this year ends in 2 weeks too huh〜〜


All the time I write on my blog about things I like but, I end up writing about things I don’t←




I like winter clothes but, I am NOT GOOD with cold.


It’s year-end party time but, (Noisy & confrontational) drunkards are NOT GOOD for me.


On trains people who recklessly make their legs wide also are NOT GOOD for me.


People who walk off silently even after pushing elevator buttons are also NOT GOOD for me.




Hehehe, just scattering out my complaints (*゚∀゚*)










Scattering fallign leaves, it’s Uhuhuhu Ahahaha Suzuki Keita-san and I.




You who have some complaints of your own, tonight I will be your Guchikikijizo [tl note: a statue that listens to complaints].




Well then!



Today I’m updating WEAR too so look at it KAY〜




Fashion Coordinate App
EmojiEmojiWEAR EmojiEmoji















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