Parka and Trainer

2018-02-08 10:22:09


[tl note: Normally I translate “Parka” to “Hoodie” and “Trainers” to “Sweatshirt” but for the sake of this entry I’m leaving it the words as they are used in Japan]








Parkas and



trainers, their difference



I learned while I was on break.




I’m Michishige Sayumi😭😭😭







All the time! I thought parkas and trainers were the same so
I thought which every is which you could say either.
(Parka you can call them parka or trainers.
Trainers you can call them trainers or parkas.)
I lived my life with that kind of rule.








I have a matching parka with a friend but



on a day during my break.





Me 『Hey let’s go wearing those matching trainers we brought recently yaー』



Friend 『Eh? We haven’t bought matching trainers recently?』



Me 『Eh? We just bought them together! Those trainers!!!』



Friend 『Those are called parkas!!』







…You’re lying right!!!!!!?







That was the situation lol
I was surprised〜
Parkas, they were parkas and trainers
Trainers, they were trainers and parka
It was that for me so
I’ve had to divide them up clearly and properly!!!!!!









Since then countless times
Which is this?
I’ve quizzed and trained myself so
now at a gance I can tell in a moment whether it’s a parka or a trainer!







This is a parka手手手




I took lots of self-shots(╹◡╹)










Even at times like that, I won’t forget a bus tour pictureラブラブ









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