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2018-02-10 22:05:44


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3/31, 4/1’s HinaFes being done at Pacifico Yokoyama’s lottery has been put up on YouTube〜!!

















There’s probably those of you who can guy by the blog title but…!














Iikubo Solo


I pulled itttttttt


So unbelievable…!




I just wanted to say that but,



The solo will come for sure right? With that sensation I got it _:(´ཀ`」 ∠):



I dreamed of it!





Dreams come trueーーー(*’▽’*)




I’ll do my best.
All you Harunan fans by all means please come see it kay!


Everyone not like that too, please watch over me warmーly (*´꒳`*)!





In compliance, with strict Angerme Wada Ayaka-chan. lol











Huhuhu, huhuhuhuhu







Sorry, it’s gross huh (*´∀`*) lol








Well, I, from the day before yesterday started 「Kouya Koudou」 [tl: “Wild Action” aka: Knives Out].



Our second daughter (The gyaru) invited me.



Sheesh, I’m into it!!



It’s fuーuーn!!!!!



It’s had such an effect on me, even walking to the train station and stuff, turning the corner I just look to see if there’s not an assassin around how that bad I am←



It’s an online game but, yesterday, I felt the warmth of people. ( ;  ; )



I’m an extreme beginner so I still dont understand all the rules but, the people I met online taught me lots and saved me


while being blessed by very kind people, I enjoyed Kouya Koudou!



This feel, it’s the same as DraQue10!



Online games, I like them you know…!



MonHunX, it has online and for an extreme beginner like me it was intense and hard you know _:(´ཀ`」 ∠):




Fun! Happy! I Love It! Kouya Koudou!




But there still aren’t people around me playing so, I’m currently inviting the other members to it (`・ω・´)








Speaking of loving it…



Yuri‼︎! on ICE



_:(´ཀ`」 ∠):!!!




The Pyeongchang Olympics
At the Figure Skating Team Pairs SP, they started a performance with a Yuri song…!



I cried ( ;  ; )( ;  ; )( ;  ; )



I was moved ( ;  ; )( ;  ; )( ;  ; )




From an anime to the olympics, influencing like that, it’s a god work huh ( ;  ; )( ;  ; )



Speaking of desires, I dream of a day where I could see 「Hanarezu ni Soba ni ite」 too someday…_:(´ཀ`」 ∠):♡




Oh myーーーー, wonderful!!!!!













For today it’s an all out I don’t get it kidn of blog, my apologies〜〜(*´∀`*)!!




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EmojiEmojiWEAR EmojiEmoji











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