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2018-02-13 20:39:01


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I didn’t have anything today until night time so


Second Daughter (The Gyaru) and some friends and I had a meal and played Kouya Koudan☆


Tomorrow morning is early so, tonight I won’t play Kouya Koudan!


I won’t!





I’m telling myself!!









(…But I’ll probably do just one game huh)










I’m told without eye make-up, I look like a teen!





Maybe I should say that, I don’t stand in front of all the fans like this either huh☆







After this tonight,



On FM-FUJI 「Time Machine 3go Oretachi no Ana!」


Ikuta Erina-san and I, the two of us get to appear live (*´∀`*)



Yaーy, look forward to it!









A picture with Ikuta-san, a recent one.






By all means listen kayー






Fashion Coordinate App
EmojiEmojiWEAR EmojiEmoji









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