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2018-02-27 11:12:26
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Yesterday, with Nakajima Saki-san I went ot see the movie 「Konya, Romansu Gekijou de」 [tl aka: Tonight At The Movies]〜(*´◒`*)



Oh my… it’s such a fantastic movie (*´꒳`*)


It’s romantic, cute, and KyunKyun heart beat skipping
and crying outloud too (´;ω;`)


I and Nakajima-san both were torn up with tear flowing out (´;ω;`)




The heroine of a movie that comes out to the real world, and the youngman who embraced love of that heroine crossing the screen, it’s a love story but,


the established feel of THE・movie, the story is comforting,
“The movie heroine”’s feelings influenced the weather, everything was movie like was very interesting!



I’m not good at explaing it huh! lol



For me personally, I really like the handsome guy character, Kitamura Kazuki-san. Just being handsome, that’s a good person! lol



The showa atmosphere, the world view was very fantastic, the outfits were fantastic too, it was just a wonderful movie〜











After we had a meal too♡



Just chatting time went by in a flash!


Nakajima-san, being together with her is fun (*´꒳`*)



Getting to hear about her NAKAJIMA Travel, I ended up getting a souvenir〜(*´◒`*)!









It’s a very yummy snack!



I like chocolate so it’s a big delight for me ( ^ω^ )hihi



Until last week there were shoots so, I was cut off from choco!
At last I can eat it so I want to give my all eating it♡





Well then, I’m off to workー!




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EmojiEmojiWEAR EmojiEmoji












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