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2018-03-01 22:39:01
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The other day, I met with people I love.


My elementary・Middle School classmate(*´꒳`*)



The friend I write about occasionally on the blog.


Plus, it’s the girl that has the 1 and 3 year old kids I wrote about just the other day on the blog.


That girl too, in middle school we were in the same art club.
It’s the first time we got to meet since I joined Morning Musume。!
She’s raising her kids so she didn’t really have time to meet (*´꒳`*)



It was a very fun time, going back there was nostalgics!



Listning to all kinds of stories, I thought mothers are strong huh, or rather… it’s like everyone is alive yah.


Living or I should say it feels strange you know. lol lol




This kind of meal meet-up, it neds up being hometown talk and middle school talk doesn’t it?


It was really fun and interesting!
But there were sad things I learned about for the first time there.




I, I loved this social studies teacher when I was in middle school.
A very firey person, strict.


For history lessons, they taught with true to life performances. when talking about the Sengoku era, 「P, painful〜」 acting it out while saying it.


And so the teacher’s lessons left an impression, that was the start that got me liking Matsuhime,


The grading system was easy to get too, test scores, note scores, homework scores totaled so


They were a teacher who really overflowed with inspiration.



That teacher, now,
it seems their health has crumbled.


In the 5 years since we graduated.
I didn’t come back even for the coming of age day reunion.



I, even now think about that teacher occasionally.
I want to get another of that teacher’s lessons you know.


It’s thanks to that teacher that I came to like history.



And so I hope that my teacher gets better.


I don’t know my teacher’s contant address so,
I hope this blog gets to my teacher.




Even though it’s a blog all the fans read I ended up writing super personal stuff, I’m sorry ((((;゚Д゚)))))))!!







As an apology, I’ll put up pictures that’ll make you laugh no matter what kay.



Pictures from when I was a baby.




Cause it’ll really have an impact. lol





























Close up









lol lol





When asked, 「Haruchan what’s your good faceー?」 It seems I’d surely make this face.




It’s a smile, this one.






Now if there’s someone that seems like they’re being driven to something,
I show them this and in a moment they should smile huh (*´꒳`*)






And with that!




Fashion Coordinate App
EmojiEmojiWEAR EmojiEmoji










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