Funny (lol)

Good morning!!


I was so tired yesterday, the moment I got into my futon, I fell asleep!


It was my instant technique \(+×+)/


It was like…
Thud clonk! (-_-#)


what is “thud clonk” supposed to mean anyway?
That’s funny (lol)


In normal conversations “thud clonk” seems to come up a lot,
and just now, I guess I just did the same thing..


If you think about it though, it’s kinda funny (lol)


The “thud” is like when you’re falling down, so that part is ok


But why do we say the “clonk” huh (`▽´)


I wonder where the “clonk” came from


The origins of words…
are so deep aren’t they


I’m not trying to take it lightly


I’ll be sure to use it carefully

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