Right now I’m playing around with a bunch of different hairstyles V(^-^)V


This pic here is the “normal” version ☆
With the bottom part curled ↑


From here, I’ll be upping a bunch of different pics as I
arrange my hair in different styles (^_-)♪


Ever since I was a little girl, I have always loved playing with my hair
whether it be curling it, tying it up, or braiding it ―(≧∇≦)♪


Up til 4th grade, I seriously wanted to be a stylist


And as to why only “up til 4th grade”
Well in elementary school, since the classes change every year
you make those yearbooks every year don’t ya?


Well in 4th grade
We were all writing up our profile
and there was this “Your dreams in the future” part


And of course, I wrote “A famous beautician”
and across that, I wrote in tiny letters “Everyone please come visit ☆”


Then, all of the boys in the class wrote
“No way I’d ever go!”
That was a pretty big shock to me so I gave it up… (lol)


But nevertheless, I have always loved playing with my hair
so from time to time I’ll try out different things
even when there’s nothing going on (o^∀^o)


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