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2018-03-17 22:27:38
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Morning Musume。 Formation 20th Anniversary Commemoration Concert Tour 2018 Spring〜We are MORNING MUSUME。〜



Opening day happenedーーーー!!!!




Everyone who came, thank you so much!




Oh myーーー! the excitement from opening day, we broke through with a good start☆












And Iikubo, finally she confessed it!





I am…







from Hachiouji



I’ve always you know, wanted to say it.


For whatever reason, I asked if I could say it and immediately got an OK so I confessed it. lol





Then during the 2nd show encore, all the fans gave me a Harunan call (´;ω;`)



It really made me happy!



I said, I’m home
and got told, Welcome home



It was incredibly warm yah…(*´◒`*)







There’s lost of famous people from Hachiouji〜



What I can say about all this is, I though Hachiouji has it, it does




I say all kinds of things about Hachiouji but, when all is said and done I love Hachiouji.


This too is something I think “Hachiouji has it, it does ya know〜”




After joining Morning Musume。 I go to the Hachiouji festival every year too!



I think I should express my love for Hachiouji a lot too!






After the performance finished, in the dressing room there was a 「Triumphant Return Home」 panel pasted up!


The kindness of the staff that made it right away…(*´◒`*)











Even on the poster at the Olympus Hall Hachiouji-san too, they added the From Hachiouji ☆ to it as an appeal point!





Tomorrow there’s 2 performances too so, I’ll do my best with the power of the city of the sun, Hachiouji っ( ^ω^ )!!




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