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2018-03-19 22:03:28
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Thoughout the morning today, I went to Tsukiji with Nakagawa Shouko-san to eat a meal〜!!!











A head!!!




I’m living in Tokyo but it was the first time I went to Tsukiji!



Luxurious maguro sanshoku bowls, and sazae tsubayaki, Terry Itou-san’s home tamagoyaki, the coffee shop Aiyou’s milkshake and toast.



I ate lots of yummy thingssss



And in terms of breaking apart for the afternoon, rather we had a fantastic use of the morning!




Nakagawa-san always invites me to fun places and yummy places (*´꒳`*)


Just the other day too, just for 2 hours we got to have tea (*´꒳`*)



Getting to hear all kinds of stories, and getting to ask things, she’s like a big sis-chan!




We still have lots of promises I look forward to so, I look forward to them coming to life!











Today the 2 of us both went iwth all white coordinate for our outer and lower wear.



And we’re using the same perfume!



It was a coincidence though!



We get along yah〜(*´◒`*)






With that Nakagawa-san




Nakagawa Shouko no Pop Culture Lab





Second half has released!



The last introduced work, was a super weird person’s story… lol


My beloved manga, I introduced lots of them with love so please look at it kay ╰(*´︶`*)╯♡







And and!



The manga I put up on an earlier blog, 「Getsuyou kara Kinyou no Otoko Koukousei」


I got to write the recommendation obi for itttーー!!



4/13 release is volume 3☆



Please try checking out my adored male high schoolers kayーーー!




Manga work all makes me happy (*´꒳`*)


From here on too it’s something vital to my life☆






Fashion Coordinate App
EmojiEmojiWEAR EmojiEmoji









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