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2018-03-20 22:59:04
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Konban po(*´∀`*)ノnEmoji


Today is my pet dog, Kurara-chan’s birthdayクラッカー
Happy Birthday花束スイーツ


On 2004/5/5, Children’s Day you came to our family Kura-chan天使
The picture is when Kurara came to our family and Kurara todayEmoji


Lately you just sleep and we don’t really get to play together but


Coming home what brings me the most pleasure is your 「gentle nudging〜」 faceEmoji


That is really cute…♡


When I can’t pet you for some reason, I say, 「Kura-chan wait!」 and your ears go down and your tail stays FuriFuri wagging, you wait until I pet youEmoji


You doing that is really cute .°ʚ(*´˘`*)ɞ°.(For the 2nd time)
that is the Kurara face I like mostEmoji



And Kurara probably doens’t like pictures!Emoji
For sure Kurara turns the other way!
ANd so you don’t appear on the blog much butEmoji


Kurara is really a kind and gentle childEmoji


Lately, I take my pet cat Puramu and Kurara and just like that I would sleepEmoji


Kurara doesn’t attack
Puramu just stands there…


Seeing such kindness makes me KyunEmoji


I didn’t think Kurara would have her motherliness some out of her so it really made me happyEmojiEmoji


It’s been a long time but Kurara live long from here too kayEmoji


I lololove youEmojiEmojiEmojiEmojiEmoji




Tomorrow is concerts in ToyohashiEmoji
The 3rd day from the tour start huhEmoji
I hope we can show you our growth again♪


Maria’s home areaEmoji
Let’s get excited with the sakura colorーEmojiEmoji



The flowers we got from au-sanEmoji
au-san color, it’s cute〜ラブラブ


On the official homepage 「Oto no VR」
Angerme’s Takeuchi Akari-chan wrote it〜Emoji


The Oto character is superー cute I love itEmoji
Actually today with Akari-chan we finished work together so we went to eat a meal〜Emoji
It was still a short time but we got to talkーニコニコラブラブ






Morning Musume。 Birhtday 20th Anniversary Commemoration Concert Tour 2018 Spring〜We are MORNING MUSUME。〜
Goods are released
→From here




DVD Magazine Vol.106 Vol.107’s CMs are released
→MORNING MUSUME。’18 DVD MAGAZINE Vol.106 CM(With everyone at Round One!!)
→MONING MUSUME。’18 DVD MAGAZINE Vol.107 CM(Concerts and backstage!!)




Hello!Radio 「Fukumura no Heya」
RikoRiko guest episode now distributing♪
Hello!Moba Membership Registration is here♡






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