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2018-03-31 00:33:22


Theme:Fukumura Mizuki






Konban po(*´∀`*)ノnEmoji


Tomorrow at a last is HinaFesEmoji


Running around a large stage
each unit getting to show their charm with each performanceEmoji
I’m really looking forward to itEmoji



『Morning Musume。 20th Anniversary!! Premium』


『Hello!Project 20th Anniversary!! Premium』


This time our sempai are performing for us tooEmoji


Watching rehearsal I ended up shouting that’s how cool and fantastic it wasEmojiEmojiEmoji


You totally totally gotta come don’t let it go to wasteEmojiEmojiEmojiEmoji


Of course people who know Hello!Pro get 10 percent moreEmojiEmoji



And I gotta do my best so people feel the same way I do about the 『Morning Musume。’18 Premium』 tooEmoji


I’m putting in even more spiritEmojiEmoji



Hello!Project’s Hina Festival 2018 is
3/31, 4/1 so you knowEmojiEmoji


2 days, 4 performances, wait for itEmoji



In the hall next to it
「Asobu。Kurasu。Sodateru。SATOYAMA&SATOUMI he Ikou 2018」


Please enjoy that there too kayEmoji
Tomorrow what kind of characters will we meet I wonder〜Emoji


Mizuki is also TanoshiMizukiEmojiEmoji




At last tomorrow 3/31(Sat) Broadcasting!!!
23:45~Next Morning 4:25


BS Premium 「Morning Musume。 Marutto 20nen Special!」, Please watch itEmoji


Hello!Radio 「Fukumura no Heya」



Satou Masaki-chan guest, now distributing〜音譜
Now trying it out, you can listen to it on Radio #116912.gif
Those of you considering it please try listening to it♪
☆Hello!Moba membership registration is here☆




「Audition Holding Announcement」





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