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2018-04-05 21:30:47
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Today I went out with Angerme’s Wada Ayaka-chan.









A picnic in Yoyogi Park♪




Yoyogi Park, I’ve never gotten to go before yahー!



The weather was still good so we went we should do a picnic but, today was a little cold huh (´-`).。oO lol




The two of us don’t cook so, let’s make bento and go wasn’t in our heads…



We secured food and then went♡









We only brought this little picnic mat so there was only space for 2 people to sit… lol




Ca〜refree eating food and talking, watching the flowers, walking the park, ti was comforting (*´◒`*)



The sakura have scattered but, now the tulips and the pansies are blooming♪




After that we stretched out legs out going to Shibuya
and went around various second-hand shops〜(*´-`)



It was fun!



With Aya-chan the talk never ends, we were laughing in full!



As a senpai, as a close friend, she’s a person I respect.




And from that Aya-chan, just recently, there was the announcement of her graduation.


On the homepage and her blog, and on tonight’s release of tiny tiny there’s comments too.



tiny tiny is here



It seems she’s graduating with next year’s fall tour.



1 year is a ways away so, the graduation announcement is early huh〜 while thinking that, I’m feeling like there’s 1 year huh.




I think she’s gonna do work solo after graduation.
From her time in S/mileage to now she’s an alーーーーーway kept together strong person.



And so for sure, after going solo she’ll charm with that strong too yah(*´-`)!



Watching her performance at HinaFes, I now want to see Aya-chan doing solo performances!



But I love Angerme’s Ayacho so, in 1 year, when we’re together for Hello!Con and stuff, I want to burn the image into my eyes!





For today’s WEAR it’s ap icture Aya-chan took for me(*´◒`*)
I’ll put up a other cut two shot too kay♪
Look at it KAYーーー☆




Fashion Coordinate App
EmojiEmojiWEAR EmojiEmoji














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