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2018-04-10 21:56:12


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Today was a day off so, I went to Suzuki Airi-san’s Live at Zepp Tokyo (*´◒`*)



Suzuki Airi 1st LIVE 〜Do me a favor @ Zepp Tokyo 〜









From the left, Yajima Maimi-san, Okai Chisato-san, Suzuki Airi-san, and Takeuchi Akari-san♡





It was veーーーーry fun!


Before going to the Live, I prepared with the Airi-channel too☆



That space became all Suzuki-san color, I felt like that’s the unbelievable power that can e made from making htat kind of space solo.



Suzuki-san, she was KiraKira shining, it was very cute!!


There were all kinds of songs, and the way she expresses all of them were different, it got me charmed.



Just for the moment, I don’t have the vocabulary for it at all though ヽ(;▽;)



In any case it was impressive.



Songs that will make you cry a little, and songs you can have fun and laugh with, the direction was varied!


The 2 hours or so were very deep, it was a time in luxury (*´꒳`*)


Not being able to go to performances on Cotton Club based on schedule is unfortunate but, I hope that #DMAF is a fantastic time until the end






In the afternoon I went on a walk with a friend♪









They took lots of shots of me mysteriously from behind so I’ll put it up kay! lol





Going to see a Live, I want to do a Live soon…_(:3 」∠)_



This weekend is Iwate, Miyagi!
I’m looking forward to it (*´꒳`*)!





Fashion Coordinate App
EmojiEmojiWEAR EmojiEmoji












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