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2018-04-11 21:24:49


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Konban po(*´∀`*)ノnEmoji


We were doing DVD MAGAZINE shoots♪
Gussa〜muパー, it’s our well known SamugeーEmoji


From last time, it’s the same idea, even more Chiichan addedand the teams are jumbled around in a shuffle〜EmojiEmoji




disliーkes hotEmoji
brightness is impossibleーEmoji
Loving night☆。.⋆☽ Team MOONお月様


The outfit too has lots of yellow, it’s MOON likeEmojiEmoji


Mizuki was a sunflowerヒマワリ
I like brightness you know…Emoji



Taking selfshots…


Someone jumpaed in!!!


It’s AkanechinEmojiEmojiEmoji


Cute huh〜〜〜Emoji


Like TRIANGLE’s rivet YAHEmoji


By all means look forward to the DVD Magazine〜Emoji




And today
it’s my beloved senpai Mano Erina-san’s birthday〜♪♪♪




Mano-cha〜〜〜n.°୧(୧ˊ͈ ³ ˋ͈)⋆໒꒱· ゚


Always and everywhere
cute and pretty Mano-chan
With her acting even when she’s scary? she’s cool Mano-chan


Looking at her LINE blog
I’m overjoyed that we’re using the same eyelinerEmoji
Seeing the clever pictures is delightfulEmojiEmoji



Our promise to go eat, we’re aiming to make it happen in April⤴︎ 


Mano-chan acting as an actressEmoji
and senpai Mano-chan, I love herEmoji




CDjournal-san Mook
『HELLO! PROJECT COMPLETE SINGLE BOOK』 20th Anniversary Commemorative Edition
On SaleEmoji


Hello!Radio 「Tonari no Yajimanchi」
Fukumura Mizuki Guest, now distributing〜音譜
Now testing, you can hear from Radio#1Emoji
Those of you looking into it by all means please try listening to it♪
☆Hello!Moba Membership Registration is Here☆


「Audition Holding Announcement」





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