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2018-04-12 21:56:43


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Konban po(*´∀`*)ノnEmoji


It’s already spring huh… kinda thinking that I prepared clothes for it and we’re having regularly cold days汗


It’s cold and I’d regreat it so the next day I’d leave the house with a proーper jacket…


then it’d end up being a hot day…


Like back and forth 3 cold 4 warmEmoji kindaEmojiEmoji


For Mizuki at concerts I end up sweating but I’m bothered by the cold




Yesterday, on 4/11
「Morning Musume。 Formation 20th Anniversary Commemoration Concert Tour Fall~We areMORNING MUSUME。~Kudou Haruka Graduation Special」 DVD&BD



「HaruCamera」 went on sale〜〜〜Emoji


Did you get a chance to Get it?EmojiEmoji


First off the fall tourEmoji
Even remembering back now suddently lots of memories are being recalledEmojiEmoji
DVD recording was just the last day but, for us there are memories for the tens of performances that are with every tour yahEmoji


Among that, this time, we got 9 of the rotating patterns in the DVDEmoji


This might be the chance to get to know this songEmoji and
I’m glad I get to hear the current Morning Musume。 again, having you feel that makes me happy〜yahEmoji
Feeling things like that, I did rehearsalsEmoji


Passing performances 1 by 1
I certaintly want to show our feelings bursting through the final day, Kudou Haruka’s graduation special yahEmoji


Mizuki will watch it from now tooーEmojiEmoji



And HaruCameraカメラ!!


Wellー! Duーchan!
She gave each of us, one by one, one as a gift with signing and a message〜♪
Duー, thank youニコニコドキドキ


Morning Musume。=youth


I think that’s what that is capturingメラメラアップ
I want you to see that all overEmoji


Sometimes funny faces were caught too but it’s amusing yahEmojiEmojiEmojiEmoji



Today was recording!
We wore the album outfits but,
At this time, Duー was there too, thinking that it felt mysterious…


That said!
It’s because I watched up to the latest episode of LupaPato properlyー!EmojiEmoji




【Advance Pre-order】【Fukumura Mizuki・Signed Lottery】 Morning Musume。 20th Anniversary Commemorative Official Book


5/14 23:59 deadline
CDjournal-san Mook
『HELLO! PROJECT COMPLETE SINGLE BOOK』 20th Anniversary Commemorative Edition
On SaleEmoji


Hello!Radio 「Tonari no Yajimanchi」
Fukumura Mizuki Guest, now distributing〜音譜
Now testing, you can hear from Radio#1Emoji
Those of you looking into it by all means please try listening to it♪
☆Hello!Moba Membership Registration is Here☆


「Audition Holding Announcement」







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