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2018-05-08 22:00:46
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Konban po(*´∀`*)ノnEmoji


Morning Musume。’18 65th Single
「Are you Happy?/A gonna」’s release commemoration various meet-ups have been scheduled〜


☆Details are here☆


Today, we had interviews and shoots related to the new single


A〜Emoji The first release in like half a year so
the release events also feel like they’ve been a whileEmoji



With the release events
For Mizuki there’s 〜3shot cheki!


Wtih Eripon, with Harunan, with Nonaka, with Kaedi, and with ChiichanEmoji


Others too, there’s group cheki, handshake events, and sign events too so
please do us the favor and support us💕




Today 「Young Champion」-san went on sale!


The front cover has Mizuki as one of the 3 people on it too ( ̄ー+ ̄*)


I had asked Papa if he could buy one at the convenience store on the way home…Emoji


Buying it myself is a little embarrassing yahEmoji


Everyone please continue to support meEmoji







I’ve restarted the Appgame GardenScapes 😆


The other day Eripon on the bullet train home from Hokkaido couldn’t clear it〜do it for me〜 when I hleped her out I got into it again 😍✨


Even more, I started doing HomeScapes too ヽ(。>ᗨ<。)ノ


The leisure time is funEmoji


On the train and stuff I better not miss my stop〜EmojiEmoji
Candy panda-chanEmojiEmoji


Hello!Radio 「Fukumura no Heya」
Next guest has been decidedーーーーEmoji
Episode 24 is, from Juice=Juice and yesterday just turning 17, Danbara Ruru-chan is appearingEmoji


Deadline: 5/10(Thr) 16:00



Currently Chiichan’s episode is now distributing-yon♪
Hello!Moba membershipt registration is here




「Pharaoh no Haka〜Jaou・Sneferu」
general sales have started!



※Link above is Tokyo・Osaka-wide
(P code:485 from 561)


→Lawson Tickets
0570-084-003 (L code:33707)




→CN Play Guide (Osaka Performances)→CN Play Guide (Osaka Perofrmances)









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