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2018-05-14 20:11:42
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Today after play practice and outfitting and stuff, with Ogata Haruna-chan we got to answer an interview for the 5/24 release of 「B.L.T.」-san!



Cheery talk and serious talk, we talked about all kind of things so, by all means please check it out ( ^ω^ )!




A meal picture after the other day’s shoot〜☆










We went to a yummy oyster place!



shell fired oysters, raw oysters, sea urchin risotto, potato salad, rolled omelette, shishamo spring rolls…


We at our fill of yummy things〜!!



It was a joy (*´꒳`*)



While eating Ogata went and said, 「I’m really happy」.


I didn’t really get it but it was warm I felt like I was gonna cry! lol lol



Such a good girl 〜Ogata〜〜






And today, between work I had tea with Makino Maria-chan (*´꒳`*)



Putting as much marshmallows in sweets, it was exciting〜!









On the pink cute strawberry sweets, she picked heart marshmallows, that Maria was cute.



Maria, she’s really using the mmts backpack she got from Nakagawa Shouko-san’s Mama, that is also her being a good girl (*´꒳`*)




We talked a lot about memories when we were small, it was fun and comforting〜!





Tonight I’m having a meal with Ikuta Erina-san and my Mama☆


Let’s eat lots of yummy things〜!




For my clothes today, with my new asymmetric skirt, AMERI shoes.
Look at it KAYー!



Fashion Coordinate App
EmojiEmojiWEAR EmojiEmoji












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