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2018-06-03 21:35:30
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Konban po(*´∀`*)ノnEmoji


「Pharaoh no Haka 〜Jaou・Sneferu〜」 Day 3



Everyone who attended today
Thank you so much (*´Д`*)ノ))



It’s Morning Musume。 who usually delivers songs in lives but
with 「plays」 we also want you to be satisfied.


It’s different from concerts, in the theater you basically don’t see the audience seats so, after the curtain call
Going, and so today〜, you finally get to look over the venueEmoji



Every performance, we get to greet everyone and, at that point there’s lots of members who will bring out their personalities tooEmojiEmoji




Of the 20 performances already 6 performances are done


We have to focus even more and do our best


Today with the Desert Falcon Group we had a review discussion too 🤔Emoji


I love this work itself
and I want to act as Toki even more Emoji



Today producer Yoshida Takeshi-sanEmoji
Nakagawa Shouko-san, and Kudou Haruka-chan came♪♪♪
Nakagawa Shouko-san look when she likened Sneferu’s voice to an IkeBo, an Ikemen voiceEmoji was lovelyEmoji


Duー had contacted me yesterday
I didn’t think she’d make it over today so I was surprisedEmojiEmoji


…Duー being former Sariokis and Sneferu, seeing that Duー talking with the 2 people, it felt like a legend, it was coolEmoji


Honestly getting to see her made me happyEmoji



After becoming not-an-idol I want to wear cute outfits! She’s said that but
Duー also is perfectly cute Umika-chan〜EmojiEmoji


「Kaitou Sentai Lupinranger VS Keisatsu Sentai Patoranger」, I’m firmly watchingEmoji




Tomorrow is a day off from performances.
The day after tomorrow we’ll be returning to the world of Egypt again!



I suddenly thought it but…
I, I might be charmed by Izai… lol






Hello!Project “ONLY YOU” Audition Being Held2428.gifUntil 6/6!!!!
Emoji6/5(Tue) 21:00~22:00
BS Skypaー!「FULL CHORUS 〜Ongaku, Full Chorus〜#115


Emoji6/7(Thr) On sale 「Wink Up」(Fukumura・Haga)


Hello!Radio 「Fukumura no Heya」
Hello!Moba Membership Registration is Here2607.gif
Currently Danbara Ruru-chan guest episode is now distributing!


Pharaoh no Haka〜Jaou・Sneferu 
   【General Sale Announcement】



※Link above is Tokyo・Osaka-wide
(P Code: 485 from 561)


・Lawson Ticket
(L code: 33707)




・CN Play Guide (Osaka Performances) 
Morning Musume。’18 65th Single 「A gonna/Are you Happy?」 Release Commemoration 《Cheki・Sign・Individual Handshake Event》 scheduled






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